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Welcome to the Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association

For years, Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association of Orange County, California has been known as "Rodger's Group" - a network for making friends, having fun and maybe even connecting with Mister or Ms. Right.  Today, what began as a small group that got together for a smattering of monthly activities has grown into a strong community of friendship united by a common cultural and spiritual heritage.  With over 200 people on the mailing list, it continues to grow.  Numerous couples have met in the group and married, and many are still as active as ever in its activities.

Launched by then-single dad Rodger Switzky in 1990, The Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association now hosts some 150+ social events annually, ranging from holiday celebrations to house parties, walks, book talks, movies, dinners and dancing evenings, concerts and outings to local attractions.  While most participants are over age 40, Jews of any age are welcome to join the group, to participate in its activities and to suggest or lead future outings.  Most of the activities are geared toward Singles, but there is a couple's group that meets on an average of once a month that is for the married, those in relationships or just asking someone to join you for the evening.

Additional Infomation:  Call Rodger at (714) 771-4623 or send an email to 

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