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Comments & Reviews

I lived in the Los Angeles area.  One of my friends from Orange County invited me to visit and go to the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association.  I would normally not have gone so far for a singles event, but I was visiting my friend anyway.  I was delighted to meet many interesting and delightful people.  That was the night I also met my husband - that was 4 years ago and we have been married for almost a year.  I have also made many new friends and have enjoyed lots of good times.  Barbara, Orange

Dear Rodger and Barbara,
Thanks a million for all that you do for us and to bring
Jewish singles together.  I have been involved with the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association since late 1996, which at the time the only Jewish people I knew, other than family, I could count on one hand.  Today, I know by name over a hundred local Jews.  Rarely a weekend or week goes by that there are not one function or event enabling me the opportunity to meet new Jewish friends.  Not only have I made many friends and acquaintances but also clients for my business.  I thank Rodger Switzky for the years of effort he has put forth for the Jewish single community.  Ness Albagli 949 633-6377, Laguna Niguel

In the 2004, we had 7 couples that were engaged to be married.

I was newly separated, lost and very uncertain.  My first experience with the group was uneven.  When Rodger found out that I could have been uncomfortable, he personally called me later to make sure I knew I was welcome and that he hoped to see me again.  He did everything possible to be sure I knew I was a valued addition.
The group is composed of a warm inviting core of down to earth Orange County people with drop-ins from all over the greater LA Metro area.  Whenever I attend a function, I meet new, interesting people who sincerely welcome me.  I never hesitate to find time to drop by, often bringing a new friend, to some of the myriad of activities and I always enjoy myself.  Barbara, San Pedro

"I have been a member of the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association for over 6 years and have met many wonderful people and developed some very strong friendships as a result.  There's always a wide variety of activities to choose from and something for everyone.  I would encourage single Jewish parents of all ages to come and try a few events.  The more you get involved, the more fun you'll have.  Thank you Rodger, for all your efforts through the years.  You have provided a much-needed service to the Jewish Community and many have benefitted from your vision and dedication to a common goal and shared experiences."  Andrea

Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association is a nice group of people and I've enjoyed many events over the years, especially the 405 singles, museum trips and trips out of town to San Diego, Temecula and Oak Glen.  It's a great way to connect with the Jewish Community.  Jerry, Huntington Beach

I have found the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association to be one of the most comfortable and enjoyable means to which a single person can enjoy an evening out and have a wonderful time.  The approach to meeting and mingling is perfect, and everybody always has a great time.  Its like family, but you meet new friends as well!  Jann, Redondo Beach

I have been a member of The Orange County Jewish Singles for over 8 years, and have made many valuable friendships, met and got  to know some very wonderful people.  Being in a job, that takes me away a lot of the time, it was hard making friends, until I joined the group.  There are many different events being offered for the members, both during the week and on weekends.  Lastly, I have found many of the members very helpful, supportive, and caring.  My hat goes off to our President for all his effort and dedication he puts into the group.  Thank you! Howard of Anaheim

I found the Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association
lots of fun.  Very interesting people, friendly, kind, and special.  I will always remember looking forward all week to the next event, the following weekend.  Meeting with new friends and some of the regulars, that I had become friends with over time.  Whether it be dinner, dancing, a home party, picnic or lecture, every event was an exciting experience, that I would not want to ever change.  If you are single and want to have fun, with a great group of people, and expand your horizons, join the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association group.  You might find what have been missing, and who knows, possibly find what you have been seeking in you life, but least of all you will have fun. Gary M. from Lake Forest

I went to a Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association dinner to enjoy the many friendships that I made over the years.  Little did I know that I would be meeting the Love of my Life - the rest is history.  Now happily married, I recommend the group to anyone looking for expand their horizons. Neil of Lake Forest

The Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association is a wonderful place to meet new friends. There are a variety of activities to meet everyone's interest.  If there is something that you would like to do it can be put on the calendar and that is a great way to meet those who share the same interest as you! Eileen of Long Beach

Dear Rodger,
During a very difficult and sad time in my life, the Jewish Single Parents & Singles Association came to my rescue.  The group has been a source of strength for me.  I have made so many special friends.  Friends that have added so much to my life.
Thank you for your everything. Debbie of Los Alamitos

I have been a member of the Jewish Single Parents and Singles Association since 2003 and have greatly enjoyed meeting the members and the variety of group activities.  The quarterly schedule is always full of interesting and entertaining activities which one has the option to select.  In my opinion you will have no problem meeting fun and attractive people and go on to develop enjoyable friendships and more.  Dan of Cerritos

This is a very special group of nice professional people.  Our activities are diverified and very enjoyable to all.  Marty of Garden Grove

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